A Relationship With God

HOSEA 2:19-20 NLT
19 I will make you my wife forever, showing you righteousness
and justice, unfailing love and compassion.
20 I will be faithful to you and make you mine, and you will
finally know me as the LORD.

Sometimes God illustrates His relationship with His people by
using the human relationship of marriage, the most intimate
relationship between human adults.

By using this illustration the Lord is trying to help us
understand His feelings: His deep love toward His people, and
the pain caused by their unfaithfulness and lack of love for

31 As the Scriptures say, “A man leaves his father and mother
and is joined to his wife, and the two are united into one.”
32 This is a great mystery, but it is an illustration of the
way Christ and the church are one.

Whenever I have been tempted to complain about how my wife was
treating me, the Lord has gently shown me how I was also
treating Him in the same way. For example, if I thought she was
not giving me enough attention, I realized I had been treating
the Lord the same way. (I have a wonderful wife, but our
relationship has had to grow just like every relationship.)

What a way the Lord has of illustrating things and teaching us!

God has feelings, just like you do. God is a Person. He does
not enjoy being ignored, neglected, or disrespected any more
than you do. Fortunately for us, God is not controlled by His
feelings, but always acts in line with His Word!

God’s plan is not to force us to do His will. His objective is
for us to freely desire to do His will. God gets no pleasure
from forcing us to love Him or do His will.

God already made the first move and now waits for us to
reciprocate. He loved us first and demonstrated it at Calvary.

Of course the devil, the father of lies, tries his best to
deceive us into thinking God doesn’t care and doesn’t deserve
our love. What a lie!

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