From My Friend David Cook

I once knew a kid who was always so negative. He would always say very mean and nasty things to people. When asked who his friends were he would just remark, “what friends?” Now, it didn’t mean that he didn’t have friends, he just never seemed to be able to acknowledge them for what or who they were. People tried to love this kid and he continued to push them away or to try and find
a reason why he could not be happy in those friendships. Sadly, this kid died and as we sat there watching as the few people who passed the casket, I noticed this one little girl who stopped and had tears rolling down her face. After everyone left I asked her why she was crying? She looked at me with her tear filled eyes and said, “God brings us into this world so that we may love one another. I am sad because we have all failed this boy. Even though he was mean and unapproachable, he was still our brother and deserved our love. Now he will never know what it truly meant to feel our love; to witness our love; or to tell others how much we loved him.” As I stood there after she walked away I grew sadder because I knew she was right. There are many people in this world that I have come across who have reminded me of this kid. Some I have been able to make a difference with and let them know how much I love them, but some I have failed at. Some I have had to knock the dust from my feet and move on. It happens everyday.
It is important that no matter who you come in contact with during your life that you make sure they know you love them. It can be the sharing of a smile as you go through your favorite drive thru, it can be the pinching of a babies cheeks, it may even be at the side of a loved one who is preparing to pass over. But, do yourself a favor and never be this boy who refused to let people get close to him and moreover, never be the little girl who stood at the side of his casket and cried because she failed!

David L

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